Conquer the Nürburgring with Hyundai: Your Ultimate Guide to Nürburgring

Take to the starting line at the Nürburgring – as a spectator along the track, as a co-pilot or, even better, at the wheel. With Hyundai Driving Experience, your dream of an unforgettable driving experience will quickly become reality.

Surrounded by the hills of the Eifel, the Nürburgring appears idyllic at first glance. However, the famous racetrack stands for merciless chicanes, tight bends and breathtaking speed on long straights. Driving here is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

In this comprehensive Nürburgring guide, you will learn everything you need to know about this demanding race track. Discover the perfect preparation to take on its challenge with Hyundai Driving Experience – and conquer the Nürburgring as a driver or co-driver.

Fasten your seatbelt and take off with us into the “Green Hell”!

What is the Nürburgring?

The Nürburgring in Germany is a 150,000-person capacity motorsport complex and the longest permanent racetrack in the world. Named after the Nürburg, it was first opened on June 18, 1927. Originally around 28 kilometres long, this “mountain race and test track” was in operation in its initial design until 1982. Today, the Nürburgring comprises two unique racetracks, the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

GP Track

The GP Track is a Grand Prix racetrack originally built in 1984, designed to host high-profile events such as Formula 1 races. The 5.15 km (3.2 miles) track was built to meet the highest safety standards, with state-of-the-art features, smooth tarmac and challenging corners. The GP Track is the perfect playground for drivers to push their skills to the limit!

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The famous Nordschleife presents even experienced racing professionals with challenges that push drivers and vehicles to the limit. The nickname “Green Hell” was given to it by Formula 1 pilot Jackie Stewart – world champion in 1969, 1971 and 1973 – who was deeply impressed by the merciless track.

The track spans an impressive 20.832 km (12.9 miles), with numerous elevation changes and a huge 73 corners, promising drivers the ultimate blend of blind crests and sweeping turns. The Nordschleife at Nürburgring is a true name in motorsport history – a legend that you can feel and experience for yourself first-hand.

Hyundai at Nürburgring

Hyundai has a strong connection to the Nürburgring circuit, as it is used extensively to test, develop and fine-tune the Hyundai high-performance vehicle range. Before Hyundai N-line models go on sale, they must successfully endure rigorous testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Nürburgring offers opportunities for Hyundai engineers to calibrate new vehicles for optimal driving dynamics and thrills.

There is a dedicated Hyundai Test Center at the complex, where vehicles are validated for performance, handling and durability under extreme conditions on the Nordschleife.

And, of course, the Hyundai Driving Experience at Nürburgring allows enthusiasts to drive Hyundai’s high-performance vehicles! Our Track Experience is hosted on both the GP Track and Nordschleife under the guidance of professional instructors, giving you the opportunity to experience the fastest Hyundai models on one of the most legendary tracks in the world. Get ready to get going!

With the Track Experience, you can choose whether you'd rather drive the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife or take on the challenges of the Grand Prix circuit. The Hyundai Driving Experience instructors will teach you all the tips and tricks for conquering the demanding Nordschleife. On the Grand Prix track, you'll hone your driving skills with support from our expert instructors. Or, for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled passenger ride, the N Taxi Nordschleife experience promises an unforgettable thrill from the best seat in the house.

Where is the Nürburgring?

You can find the Nürburgring in the village of Nürburg in Germany. Nürburg is situated within the Eifel region of Rhineland-Palatinate and offers a picturesque setting for the circuit, surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills.

The striking contrast between the beautiful surrounding nature and the adrenaline-fueled action on the track creates an unforgettable experience. As you navigate the twists and turns of Nürburgring, you can’t help but be awestruck by the juxtaposition of the serene landscapes and the raw power and speed on the asphalt.

The contrast between the idyllic landscape and the tough challenge is what makes the Nürburgring as fascinating and legendary as it is today – just like the great dramas and triumphant victories that have taken place on this legendary racetrack.

What does Nürburgring mean?

The racetrack is named after the ruins of the “Nürburg” castle dating back to the 12th century. The Nürburgring Nordschleife was opened close to the village of the same name in 1927. Due to its hilly landscape and proximity to nature, it is considered one of the world's most beautiful tracks, but also one of the most challenging – if not the most challenging.

How long is the Nürburgring?

The Nürburgring is renowned around the world for its size and complexity. While the GP Track is 3.2 miles long, the crown jewel of Nürburgring in size is the Nordschleife track, which stretches an incredible 12.944 miles.

However, the length of the racetracks at the Nürburgring varies greatly. Endurance races or 24-hour races, for example, are held on the longest variant with 16.1 miles. For other races, the GP Track can be shortened to the so-called sprint circuit.

Can anyone drive the Nürburgring?

The Nürburgring is open to the public on designated days – however, tackling its challenging corners and straights requires a certain level of skill and preparation.

This is where Hyundai’s Driving Experiences come into play. HDX offers a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts to experience the thrill of Nürburgring, safe in the hands of professional instructors, drivers and meticulously prepared vehicles.

How dangerous is the Nürburgring?

Nürburgring has more than earned its reputation as a challenging and demanding track – it’s considered the most difficult track in the world, and as with any motorsport, there are dangerous bends to tackle.

This is why it’s so important to take on the circuit under the guidance of professionals and with the appropriate training and preparation. With the support of the experienced Hyundai Driving Experience instructors, you will be well prepared for your “mission”. You will learn everything you need to know – from the correct seating position and your personal racing line to braking points, the right speed for entering bends and the moment you accelerate out again.

Preparing for the Nürburgring experience

To conquer the Nürburgring, you’ll need more than just skill – you’ll need the right mindset to prepare for the challenge of the track, physically and mentally.

With the Hyundai Driving Experience at Nürburgring, our instructors will guide you through the nuances of each track, teaching you how to read the circuit like a seasoned pro.

Safety is paramount at Nürburgring, and with Hyundai, you can rest assured that every precaution is taken to ensure a safe, secure environment, whether you’re taking the wheel yourself or indulging in a passenger experience. From safety briefings to vehicle inspections, all aspects of the Nürburgring experience are designed to prioritise wellbeing and safety – while allowing you to push your limits!

Can you drift on the Nürburgring?

During so-called ‘tourist rides’, drifting is not permitted at Nürburgring. But, as a participant in the Hyundai Driving Experience, you may have the opportunity to see how the pros use proper technique to master the curves and show the vehicle who's in charge. After your driving training, one of our instructors may even demonstrate the thrill of an automotive "J-turn" as an encore. It doesn't get any more exhilarating than that!

What is the Nürburgring lap record?

The Nürburgring is a true battleground for motor enthusiasts and racers to showcase their skills. The fastest Nürburgring time, and the current lap record for Nordschleife, stands at an impressive 5 minutes and 19.55 seconds.

Among racing drivers, a lap time under 7 minutes is considered an excellent performance – but now, production cars are catching up and also approaching the 7-minute barrier. In the TCR class, Peter Terting set the fastest-ever TCR car lap of 9:03 minutes in the Hyundai i30 N TCR in 2023. This also set a new front-wheel drive record for the 25.378 km combined Grand Prix and Nordschleife circuits.

Even if setting a new Nürburgring lap record isn't your goal just yet, with the Hyundai Driving Experience, you'll be on the same hallowed asphalt graced by the tyre tracks of racing legends like Mika Häkkinen, Lewis Hamilton, Ralf and Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel. Visiting the circuit means walking (and driving!) in the footsteps of legends, pushing your own boundaries beyond what you thought was possible.

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Or, if you want to experience the exhilaration and speed of the track from the safety of the passenger seat, the N Taxi Nordschleife experience offers an unforgettable ride. Book your seat today and, together with a professional driver, unleash the full potential of Hyundai’s high-performance vehicles at Nürburgring.